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    Sell Auto Notes

    If you are considering selling some of your auto receivables you probably have a lot of questions.

    • How many accounts do I have to sell at a time?
    • What is the recourse period?
    • How much seasoning do the accounts need?
    • What payment types do you buy?
    • What makes and models do you buy?

    At Financial Solutions we have helped hundred’s of dealers get cash for their receivables by offering the best programs in available in the marketplace. Call us today 615-414-6708 and let us show you how to , sell auto notes and turn them into cash. For more information check out sell auto notes.

    Are you looking for more capital to purchase new inventory or cover expenses? Why not sell your performing auto notes in bulk to get cash now.

    Sell Bulk Auto Notes

    Looking for Cash Flow Solutions ?

    We Turn Auto Notes Into Cash!

    We specialize in assisting individuals and auto dealers through their cash flow challenges.

    Are you an Auto Dealer or Finance Company that creates auto notes, buy here pay here auto paper? Do you need CASH for inventory or for your business or personal use?

    Sell your auto notes, to increase your CASH flow and reduce your risk exposure.

    Let us show you how to increase your CASH flow without creating new debt, don’t wait for your customer to pay you off, Or total your car.

    We can help you get the financial flexibility needed to compete in today’s auto industry.

    Call us today for a no obligation quote on your portfolio.

    1. Our Bulk Purchase Program is Simple and Straight Forward

    2. Quick funding is Available to Assist your Immediate Cash Flow Needs.

    3.  Must have at least ten accounts.

    4. We Have NO Vehicle or Mileage Restrictions, Any Year, Make, Model of Vehicle

    Turn Your Receivables Into Cash Today!

    Bulk Auto Note Buyer

    What Are The Benefits Of Selling My Auto Notes?

    Wholesale vehicle prices remain high and the costs associated with reconditioning vehicles continue to increase. The amount of money BHPH customers have available for down payments remains about the same, as it has for years.  Buy Here Pay Here dealers are being forced to increase their cash in deal on each sale to maintain their sales levels and their customers.

    These things have led many Buy Here Pay Here dealers to consider something they never would have before; selling their BHPH notes.  More readily available cash and higher costs have made this an attractive option for some. Look at some of the advantages of selling off some notes so you can decide whether selling some or all of your notes is a step you should consider for your dealership.


    What are the benefits of selling your auto notes?

    It does not create debt on your balance sheet.

    It increases your purchasing power, enabling you to do more business.

    Eliminates the need for bank loans or SBA Loans.

    Improves your credit rating, and gives you cash to meet your obligations.

    Eliminates using equipment, real estate or inventory for collateral.

    Saves on your in-house staff costs.

    Presents a professional image to your clients.

    Eliminates the need for venture capitalists or partners that share in decision making and profits.

    Quick Cash Flow
    Even the best dealers often spend more money than anticipated and need a quick infusion of cash. Selling BHPH notes is an easy way to do this.

    Focus on sales

    By selling off notes, some dealers believe they can operate more efficiently. Selling a note transfers the collection responsibility, in most cases, to the note buyer. That means that the dealer and his staff can spend their time selling vehicles and let someone else worry about collecting the notes.

    Eliminate interest expenses

    Many dealers use floor plan lines, credit lines from their banks or loan to fund their operations. Some have had to take on partners to increase the equity in the business. Many of these dealers have decided that selling off notes might be a better alternative to these other funding sources by giving them more control of the process.

    Factor ALL of your receivables, or only the ones you choose.

    Stop factoring any time you choose without termination penalties. Start again any time you need the service.


    Holding the Notes VS Selling The Notes

    Customer Example 30 Month Term
    Actual Cost Of Vehicle ……….  $        6,500.00
    Mark-Up ……….  $        4,500.00
    Sales Price ……….  $      11,000.00
    Less Down Payment ………  $        2,000.00
    Amount Financed ………. $9,000 @ 24%
    Principal Interest
    1 $221.85 $180.00
    2 $226.29 $175.56
    3 $230.81 $171.04
    4 $235.43 $166.42
    5 $240.14 $161.71
    6 $244.94  $156.91
    $1,399.46 $1,011.64

    Holding Scenario

    Payment Amortization: One Note

    ACV $6,500
    Less Down Payment $2,000
    Less 6 Months Of Payments $2,411
    Net Cash Flow @ 6 Months ($2,089)
    Future $9,644
    Unknown High Risk
    Collections Collections Overhead For
    24 Remaining Months




    The prices and dollar amounts shown are an example only, and is not a commitment to purchase any receivables.

    Selling Scenario

    Payment Amortization: One Note – 6 Months Seasoning

    ACV $6,500
    Less Down Payment $2,000
    Less 6 Months Of Payments $2,411
    Sale @ 80% Of Principal $6,080
    Value  6 Months
    Net Cash Flow @ 6 Months $3,991
    Postive Cash Flow 61% ROI after
    6 months
    Low Risk
    No Collections Overhead

    Call us today! 615-414-6708 And see how EZ it is to turn your auto notes into Cash!

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