New Regulations in NJ & NV

Recently, New Jersey and Nevada both passed legislation regulating GPS and starter-interrupt devices.  In both states, the laws go into effect July 1, 2017.

PassTime, along with its industry partners TSPA and NIADA, were heavily involved in lobbying against the bills in both states.

In response, PassTime has created new state-specific customer disclosures for New Jersey and Nevada which will be available by the effective date of the law.

A Few Key Points from New Jersey Assembly Bill 756: 

  • Get written consumer disclosure for the use of the device
  • Cannot charge consumer for device, installation, renewal, airtime or removal of device
  • 72 Hour warning needed before disablement
  • Creditor cannot disable the vehicle until consumer is in default for at least 5 calendar days for weekly payments or 10 or more calendar days on any other financing terms.


A Few Key Points from Nevada Senate Bill 350:

  • Get written consumer disclosure for using starter-interrupt devices
  • Give at least 48 hour actual notice of disablement
  • Provide two 24-hour overrides in event of emergency
  • Cannot charge for installation or use of starter-interrupt technology
  • Restrictions on device data collection and length of data retention
  • Requires certified device installers

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