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Auto Bulk Purchase Program

Here are a few highlights of some of our auto bulk purchase programs:







ALL MAKES, MODELS, MILEAGE, even REBUILT OR SALVAGED TITLES (Most lenders prefer 90 days seasoning but we have programs to purchase fresh loans with extended recourse)

Sell Your Bulk Auto Notes and Bulk Car Notes

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Are you a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer or Independent Auto Dealer looking to sell your auto loans? Contact us today 615-414-6708 for more information.

Are you an Auto Dealer or Finance Company that creates auto notes, buy here pay here auto paper?

Do you need CASH for inventory or for your business or personal use?

Sell your auto notes, to increase your CASH flow and reduce your risk exposure.

Let us show you how to increase your CASH flow without creating new debt,  don’t wait for your customer to pay you off, Or total your car.

We can help you get the financial flexibility needed to compete in today’s auto industry.

Why would you consider selling your hard earned BHPH notes? Is there any benefit to selling your notes?
  1. It allows dealers to turn their money faster.
  2. It is a prudent way to solve capitalization issues.
  3. It allows a dealer to focus on selling vehicles not collecting payments.
  4. Reporting customer credit to the bureaus.
It is a prudent way to solve capitalization issues.
Capitalization for what? Buying more inventory, expanding your operation, investing in your facility, upgrading technology, or even buying out a partner. There are many times in the life cycle of a dealership when cash flow can become an issue. It’s no different than selling any other asset you may own.

It allows dealers to turn their money faster.

The typical BHPH dealer sells a vehicle and waits several years to collect his money. By selling the notes after they have seasoned for a few months, dealers receive a discounted amount of the original note and can reinvest it in more inventory and increase his ROI.
It allows a dealer to focus on selling vehicles; not on collecting payments.

Many dealers are very good at selling, but may lack the experience to collect their accounts effectively. Sometimes it is just to many accounts to collect  for your staff. Our companies  have more experience in collecting accounts, knowing what they can and can’t do legally in many states. Dealers selling their aged notes often see a better yield than if they collected the accounts, especially when you factor in the cost of man-power for collection efforts. This also reduces your potential loss from accidents, floods or other potential disaster’s.

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By selling your Auto Bulk Receivables it will allow you to

Purchase Inventory

Reduce Collection Responsibilities

Re-Invest Your Money

Eliminate the need for Bank Loans

This Secret will provide unlimited funds for your business while generating no debt to repay, like a loan would. Even better getting this cash can occur faster than any loan process. Getting this cash does not depend on your credit and you may qualify with even a short time in business. And more cash can be obtained easily anytime in the future.

Factoring Auto Receivables

The definition of factoring is the purchasing of accounts receivable at a  discount. A factor is a person or business that pays immediate cash for business receivables.

Factoring is not a loan with interest due, it is the purchase of an asset (contract) for which a discount is paid.

Cash from factored car notes allows the dealer to meet other regular business needs such as:

Meeting Payroll Paying Taxes Purchasing Supplies Replacing Needed Inventory

Selling your car notes is a dependable means of providing capital for your business needs.

A simple way to determine how selling your car notes can improve your company’s cash flow is to answer this question: “If my dealership had all the cash on hand I needed, what would I do with that cash?”

You would probably answer some or all of the above, meet payroll, purchase inventory, pay bills, pay taxes and so on.

If you have car notes, factoring those notes may very well be the answer to raising Capital you’ve been looking for.

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