Sell Buy Here Pay Here Accounts

Sell Buy Here Pay Here Accounts

Sell Buy Here Pay Here Accounts Auto Bulk Purchase Program

Sell buy here pay here accounts, A Bulk Portfolio transaction is commonly used in the Buy Here, Pay Here Industry as a primary method of generating operating capital.  Many dealers experience a cash flow shortage as they sell more inventory, especially during tax season.  Selling all or a part of your Buy Here, Pay Here portfolio can be a solution to help inject cash into your business.

Additionally, selling your accounts will allow you to profit quicker while reducing your portfolio exposure.  Guaranteed money today is more valuable than potential money tomorrow!  We are committed to structuring each purchase around your specific needs.  Whether you are looking to sell a small pool or sell your entire portfolio, we will be able to structure a deal that best fits your needs.  We strive to achieve these principals on each and every deal: Best Price, Great Service, Quick Funding.

The popularity of portfolio acquisition comes as a result of these key benefits:

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Dealership Benefits:

Instant Cash Flow Capital for dealership expansion and upgrades, Capital to re-stock inventory quickly, Capital for stability during seasonal business trends.

Focus On YOUR Business Eliminate collections and servicing issues Focus on selling cars, not collecting payments Keep Your Profit and Increase your yields by selling your portfolio. Reduce your portfolio risk and guarantee cash flow upon sale

Wholesale vehicle prices remain high and the costs associated with reconditioning continue to increase. The amount of money BHPH customers have available for down payments remains steady, as it has for years.  But Buy Here Pay Here dealers are being forced to increase their cash in deal on each sale to maintain their sales levels and their customers.

These factors have led many Buy Here Pay Here dealers to consider something they would never have before; selling their BHPH notes.

More readily available cash and higher costs have made this an attractive option for some. Let’s look at the at some major advantages of selling off notes so you can determine whether selling some or all of your notes is a step you should consider for your dealership.

Sell Buy Here Pay Here Accounts  Major Advantages

1. Quick cash flow

Most of us know of or have seen a dealer that has basically sold themselves out of business. Burning through too much cash too quickly can leave a dealer with no funds left to pay bills or replenish inventory. Even the best dealers will occasionally spend more money than anticipated and need an infusion of cash. Selling BHPH notes is an easy way to do this.

2. Eliminate interest expenses

Many dealers use floor plan lines, credit lines from their banks or loan to fund their operations. Some have had to take on partners to increase the equity in the business. Many of these dealers have decided that selling off notes might be a better alternative to these other funding sources by giving them more control of the process.

3. Focus on sales

By selling off notes, some dealers believe they can operate more efficiently. Selling a note transfers the collection responsibility, in most cases, to the note buyer. That means that the dealer and his employees can concentrate on selling vehicles and let someone else worry about collecting the notes.


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NABD Announces Orlando BHPH Conference October 23 – 25, 2017   HOUSTON, TEXAS – The National Alliance of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers (NABD) today announced its 14th Annual Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) Conference in Orlando, Florida at the Rosen Centre. The Conference theme is “Opportunity Knocks – Best Ways to Respond.” President and founder Ken Shilson indicated, “The last 24 months have been extremely challenging for BHPH operators, but better days are head!” Increased competition, plus higher operating and compliance costs, have combined to reduce profits and BHPH market share, Shilson explained. However, competition is declining and former BHPH customers will reenter the finance market when they default on vehicles they bought from the competition. This Conference will address ways to regain market share, find capital, avoid compliance mistakes, an… [ Read more… ]

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