Turn Your Auto Notes Into Cash 

According to recent statistics, almost 70% of adults have credit problems that may affect their ability to secure credit. This brings about a great opportunity to those dealers who offer In-House Financing or, otherwise known as, Buy Here, Pay Here. For the Buy Here, Pay Here dealer, this can turn out to be a blessing and a curse. 

The more cars that a dealer sells and finances, the greater the risk and the greater his exposure is. Before he knows it, he may have several hundred thousand dollars of his own money driving around on America’s highways. His assets are in danger of theft, accidents, mechanical breakdowns and the customers inability to pay. 

Waiting from eighteen to thirty-six months, or even longer in some cases, to get your money back is pretty risky, especially with the credit challenged customers that Buy Here, Pay Here dealers to make loans to.


At Financial Solutions, we have a variety of programs that allow us to help the dealer get cash for his outstanding contracts thereby reducing his risk and returning much-needed cash flow back to his business. This instant cash allows the dealer to meet his business needs such as payroll, taxes, purchasing supplies, and making more loans.


Selling auto receivables not only provides needed cash, but it can become, in essence, an unlimited credit line. The more money a dealer can get, the more loans he can create.

Get Top Dollar for Your Bulk BHPH Auto Notes

Does your BHPH Auto Dealership need cash flow now? Call Financial Solutions. We turn your bulk BHPH auto notes into cash for your business. Financial Solutions offers nationwide auto note buyer services and we have no restrictions to the size or the types of auto portfolios we purchase. If you are a BHPH Auto Dealer and you want to sell bhph car notes, we will pay you cash for your bhph car notes. Financial Solutions has a reputation for customer service and satisfaction. We can offer you top dollar for your bulk bhph car notes quickly and securely. Financial Solutions can offer you immediate cash flow. If you need cash now for inventory or business expenses, contact us at 615-414-6708 to turn your auto notes into cash now.

Sell BHPH Car Notes: Professional Reliable Service for Your Cash Flow Needs

Financial Solutions is your go-to source for getting cash for your bulk buy here pay here auto notes and bulk buy here pay here car notes. We have over 40 years of automotive experience and a reputation for top quality service. We offer you quality, reliability, and results. We have partnered with the most reputable cash flow and buying sources to offer you the best deal for your bulk auto notes. When you need cash now for your car notes, call Financial Solutions at 615-414-6708 to help ease your cash flow problems.


What are the benefits of selling your auto notes?

  • It does not create debt on your balance sheet.
  • Eliminates the need for bank loans or SBA Loans.
  • Eliminates using equipment, real estate or
    inventory for collateral.
  • Saves on your in-house staff costs.
  • Eliminates the need for venture capitalists or partners
    that share in decision making and profits.
  • Factor all of your receivables, or only
    the ones you choose.
  • Stop factoring any time you choose without
    termination penalties.
  • It increases your purchasing power, enabling you
    to do more business.

With over 36 years of experience in the automotive industry  Financial Solutions has helped hundreds of dealers unlock the cash in their Auto Notes.

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We Turn Auto Notes Into Cash